After more than a decade of work to prevent human trafficking, we are pleased to share what we have learned with you! Whatever sector you operate in, we want to equip you to better understand trafficking and exploitation so together we can create lasting change.

"I wish I had known all of this 10 years ago!"

"The most important thing I would share with someone else, is that there is always a chance to do the right thing. So even if they have ignored signs before, or maybe didn't know what to do with those signs, it doesn't mean they can't start now."

"Wow, taking this course has been an eye-opener." 

"I'm very happy we were able to learn so much from just this session."

-Quotes from previous students

Hi, I’m Christa!

I'm a teacher and a mother. I believe all people should be free. You're here because you agree. I'm happy to help you learn how you can make a difference.